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2min Demo: Keeping up with Top-Down Adjustments

Watch this 2min video to learn how CCH Tagetik can track and report on various types of adjustments throughout the Planning Process to draw deeper insights
2-min Demo
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Budgets often involve inputs and adjustments from multiple contributors.Ability to easily track and report on changes throughout the whole budgeting process provides our customers with valuable insights by leveraging a wide area of CCH Tagetik data traceability and audit capabilities.In the short video, I will cover just a few examples.

Let's take planning for operating expenses.As the department owner for that counting cost center, I'm going to enter my budgeted expense for cafeteria within each month at the GL account level, using a dedicated CCH Tagetik data entry tab.

And once I click on the save button,my contribution is going to be saved and tagged with a specific category.Now I'm going to fast forward into the review and adjustment phase of the budget process and switch hats to an executive user, Rob,who will now be taking a look at all of FP&As operating expenses, which also include their accounting cost center.

As you can see my situation has changed,and now my expenses are outside of threshold, at which point I need to start making some adjustments.

I always find it useful to take a look at prior years'actuals vs budgeted numbers and in this case I can see that there's quite a discrepancy.

So I'm going to go ahead and adjust my annual budget for cafeteriaexpenses, leveraging CCH Tagetik's spreading functionality, and bump this down to 8,000 for the year proportionally.

At which point, when I go to save,the changes I made with Rob user are going to be tracked with a separate executive adjustmentcategory and easily tracked through CCH Tagetik analysis capabilities,where, in an operational slice and dice grid, I can perform my ad hoc analysis.

Of course I can also perform my investigation leveraging CCH Tagetik's alternative Excel front end, where I can easily pull up a live quarterly report, breaking out cafeteria expensesby cost centers and various adjustments.

And if I want to know exactly who made that adjustment, I can simply double-clickand drill down into the audit trail where I can reveal exactly who made the adjustment, and when.
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