Browse the most common property related tort claims, cases and commentary

Comprehensive coverage

  • Instant access to comprehensive and authoritative commentary on topics such as trespass, nuisance, property damage, and the infliction of pure economic loss.
  • Instant access to all Uniform Civil Procedure legislation, court rules, and practice directions for all states and territories.
  • Case law that is up to the minute and as it happens, with fully reported cases from all Australian jurisdictions
  • In depth commentary written in a practical and simple-to-understand language.
  • Set up targeted news alerts to stay up-to-date with the latest legislative developments.

Practical Tools

  • Practical tools have been developed by lawyers for lawyers
  • Utilise our extensive library of topic guides.
  • Use our handy questions and answers

What’s new in Practical Tools:

  • Average Weekly Earnings Finder collates all statistical data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics as to average weekly earnings for all states and territories and all categories. It also includes industry specific average weekly earnings for Australia.
CCH Pinpoint® Average Weekly Earnings Finder
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CCH Pinpoint® Average Weekly Earnings Finder

CCH Pinpoint® Average Weekly Earnings Finder

The Average Weekly Earnings Finder is a great practical tool that is fast, easy-to-use and accurate, helping lawyers, barristers and in-house counsel to estimate past and future earnings as part of the claims process.

Available in:

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Motor Accidents Law
  • Workers Compensation Law
  • Medical Negligence and Health Law
  • Defamation and Professional Liability Law and;
  • Property related torts and economic loss.
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