Cut through the noise with focused, relevant, in-depth family law guidance and practice essentials

In an area filled with lengthy court processes, stressed parties, and frequent negotiations, it’s essential to have the right answers, right away.

The family law practice area guides you through increasingly complex and diverse issues arising from the breakdown of family relationships. Access critical information and practical resources so you can provide accurate advice anytime, anywhere. CCH iKnowConnect helps you manage complexity confidently and stay informed whether you’re in the office or at court – with everything you and your team need always at your fingertips.

A faster, more accurate search experience

With content created for the online user, CCH iKnowConnect delivers curated search results so you can find the right answer faster, providing a more efficient research experience.

360° navigation

If you prefer to begin research with legislation, our powerful 360° view of key legislation connects each provision with the best and most relevant content – including related legislation, in-depth commentary, cases, regulatory resources, and practical tools.

In-depth analysis and commentary

Our commentary is written by legal professionals, for legal professionals. We have assembled an unparalleled team of respected authors including practitioners and former judges whose insights and experience assist you every step of the way. The family law practice area provides detailed legal and practical analysis of relevant Federal and state legislation and case law which is updated with changes as they happen.

Expansive case library

CCH iKnowConnect includes over 4,000 curated family law cases (with headnotes) from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and Family Court of Western Australia, as well as other state courts, dating back to 1976.

Our integration with AustLii also ensures that you have seamless access to the largest source of case-related information.

Experience CCH iKnowConnect for yourself.

Practical tools

Our practical tools are designed to streamline your workflow by making it easier for you to execute a task, reach a conclusion or find an answer. These time-saving tools include property settlement calculators, how to guides, precedents, checklists and cross-referencing tools.

How to guides

Our how to guides provide guidance on every step to complex processes such as divorce, contravention and appeals.

Property settlement calculator

Our invaluable property settlement calculator allows you to easily calculate your client's sought-after position following a relationship breakdown.

Regulatory resources

Access to regulatory resources includes forms and practice directions from the Federal Circuit and Family Court or Australia and the Family Court of Western Australia.

News alerts

Keep up to date with the latest news, as and when developments happen.

Tailor your news alerts so that you receive them direct to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis.

Behind your research

CCH iKnowConnect is your premier research tool because of the people behind it. At Wolters Kluwer, we are known for taking nuanced information, across a broad range of sources. and distilling it into trusted and balanced commentary. This means you are better informed with independent, professional, and detailed analysis as you dig deeper into the legislation.

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