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Changes to the tax law and compliance rules happen often. Announced tax legislation changes may positively or negatively impact your clients. However, until the changes become law, tax returns must be submitted reflecting the law at the time the return is prepared. This means taxpayers may need to amend already submitted returns to reflect changes.

Tax Monitor is an online database available via CCH iKnowConnect which enables users to keep up to date on the progress of federal tax law changes announced since 2010. Users can search using keywords, topics, or specific criteria, to check the status of a measure from the time it was announced – to when is becomes law (with or without amendments), or if it was abandoned.

Refine your search using the following filters:

  • Year (from 2010)
  • Topic (e.g., income tax, FBT, GST, superannuation)
  • Sub-topic (e.g., capital gains tax, deductions, depreciation, exemptions)
  • Taxpayer (e.g., individuals, companies, trusts, small business, super funds)
  • Source (e.g., Federal Budget, consultation, government announcement, legislation)
  • Status of measure (e.g., announcement, consultation, exposure draft, Bill introduced)
  • Bill status (e.g., assent, discharged, lapsed, passed house, withdrawn, enacted)
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