The premier intellectual property research solution for Australian lawyers

CCH Pinpoint® Intellectual Property Law is a convenient reference point for commentary, key cases, news and legislation on copyright, designs, patents and trademarks law. 

It includes the full text of the Copyright Act, Designs Act, the Patents Act and the Trade Marks Act along with key decisions relevant to intellectual property practitioners as reported from the High Court, Federal Court and relevant State Supreme Courts.

Best in class search and browse

Increase your efficiency with powerful search and browse providing seamless access to the right information at point of need, supported by tools, guides and source material.

Curated and categorised content

A clean and responsive browse experience allows easy access to a vast library of primary sources as well as proprietary content, cases and news.

Expansive case library

CCH Pinpoint® Intellectual Property Law contains a library of over 800 Australian intellectual property cases, with many cases presented in court ready PDF format. The frequent reporting of cases includes a head note preceding each case, providing a brief summary which highlights the important points.

Up-to date legislation

The legislation library includes up to date Copyright Act and Regulations, Designs Act and Regulations, Patents Act and Regulations, Trade Marks Act and Regulations, Plant Breeder’s Act and Regulations, Circuit Layouts Act and Regulations, Public Lending Right Act and Scheme, Olympic Insignia Protection Act and Regulations.

Practical commentary

Commentary is curated into the four main areas of intellectual property with seamless links to legislation, cases and news:
  • Copyright
  • Designs
  • Patents
  • Trademarks

Practice tools

Handy practice tools are available to help you save time, and include:
  • IP licenses : Contract drafting tips – DOs and DON’Ts
  • Precedent: Trade mark license
  • Precedent: Copyright license
Experience CCH Pinpoint® for yourself.

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