CCH Pinpoint™ Insurance Law is a breathtakingly simple to use online research solution for lawyers, comprehensively covering Australian insurance law

It allows lawyers to confidently handle insurance matters, always stay up-to-date and provide

accurate guidance and advice.

Specialist insurance law

CCH Pinpoint™ Insurance Law cuts out the noise by only showing search results and browse options for insurance. Gain quick access to the right information at point of need, supported by tools, guides and source material.

Curated and categorised content

A clean and responsive browse experience allows easy access to a vast library of primary sources as well as proprietary content, cases and news.

Extensive case library

CCH Pinpoint™ Insurance Law is continuously updated and includes access to an extensive insurance case library, dating back to 1979, with all cases available as court ready PDFs.

360-degree legislation

View everything you need with ease, with legislation seamlessly linked to related cases, commentary and practical tools.

Topic guides

Save valuable time by utlising expert curated topic guides straight from the home page, providing precise results.

CCH Pinpoint™ Insurance Law provides deep knowledge and expert guidance across the following topics:

  • Regulation of insurance companies
  • Lloyd’s, Formation, Proposals
  • Commencement of risk
  • Insurable interest
  • Duty of disclosure
  • Construction of a policy
  • Cancellation and renewal
  • Claims – Notice and proof of loss
  • Claims – Measurement of loss
  • Claims – Contribution and subrogation
  • Contribution and subrogation
  • Life insurance
Experience CCH Pinpoint® for yourself.

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