CCH Pinpoint® Consumer Credit Law outlines the current laws relating to responsible lending and disclosure obligations, together with information concerning the Australian Credit Licence (ACL) and the obligations of ACL holders and keeps pace with the increasingly tighter regulatory reforms in the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009

This easy to navigate resource allows you to rapidly find relevant cases, releases, regulations, forms and commentary for each section of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

Powerful search

Increase your efficiency with powerful search providing seamless access to the right information at point of need, supported by tools, guides, source material and integration with AustLII.


All relevant Federal and State legislation, including National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, National Consumer Credit (Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Act 2009, National Consumer Credit Protection (Fees) Regulations 2010, National Consumer Credit Protection (Transitional and Consequential Provisions), Regulations 2010, Personal Property Securities Act 2009.

Codes of practice and case library

Find with ease the codes of practice, including National Credit Code, Consumer Credit Industry Codes, Consumer Credit Orders and Consumer Credit Code Guidelines. A case library dating back to 1991 is also easily accessible, with each case headnoted.


Valuable resources including all relevant ASIC Regulatory Guides, Class Orders and Information Sheets together with ASIC forms, ASIC Pro Formas and a consumer credit law form library which provides downloadable and editable forms for use in consumer credit proceedings.


The Responsible Lending Checklist and the Contract Disclosure Checklist provide a complete guide to assist practitioners with the task of fulfilling their legislative compliance responsibilities.

CCH Pinpoint® Consumer Credit Law is written by leading legal practitioners and comprehensively covers a wide range of topics including:

  • What does the consumer credit regime regulate?
  • Licensing
  • Responsible lending
  • Formation of credit contracts and disclosure
  • Related mortgages
  • Related guarantees
  • Related sales contracts
  • Contract administration
  • Termination/ enforcement
  • Dispute resolution
  • Civil penalties
  • Unjust contracts
  • Personal Property Securities Act
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CCH Pinpoint® Consumer Credit Law
CCH Pinpoint® Consumer Credit Law – Product demo

Watch our short video showcasing some of our most popular practical tools in our Consumer Credit Law practice area in CCH Pinpoint®. The Responsible Lending Checklist and Contract Disclosure Checklist together provide a step-by-step guide for lenders from the time of the loan application to when a loan contract is finalised.

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