Our broad business law knowledge base covers important legal issues facing businesses including choosing between business structures, company takeovers and buying, selling or transferring a business

Best in class search and browse provides quick access to the right information at point of need, supported by tools, guides, source material. It is integrated with AustLII.

Decision-enabling advice

Relevant commentary seamlessly linked to up-to-date legislation, forms, regulatory guides, class orders, information sheets and listing rules which allow you to provide advice with confidence.

Intuitive topic guides

Browse intuitively with new topic guides developed exclusively for CCH Pinpoint® covering key topics such as business structures (trusts, companies, sole traders, partnerships, joint ventures, associations, co-operatives and mutual), company takeovers, business sales and business purchases.

Practice tools

Hundreds of precedent agreements, resolutions, checklists, notices, letters and individual clauses to save you time, reduce exposure and reduce the risk of making errors are available.

News alerts

Stay up-to-date by easily setting up a daily or weekly alert with all the relevant Commercial Law news.

CCH Pinpoint® Compliance and Business Law is a practical reference guide for common legal issues over a range of topics including:

Choosing between business structures in Australia

We cover guidance on appropriateness, establishing, maintaining, taxation implications and ceasing the business structure for:

  • Trusts 
  • Joint ventures 
  • Partnerships
  • Co-operatives
  • Franchises 
  • Sole traders 
  • Companies – In this section, we also address directors’ duties, secretary’s duties, ASX listing rules, shares and dividends, registers and meetings.

Buying or selling a business

We cover guidance on due diligence, documentation, searches and completion for:

  • Buying a business 
  • Selling a business 
  • Company takeover 
  • Selling a company 

Transferring a business

We cover guidance on intellectual property, taxation, employee, representation considerations and professional obligations.

We have extensively expanded and renamed the Business Law module to include more practical information about compliance, including precedents, examples, checklists, flowcharts and diagrams.

What’s new in Governance, Risk and Compliance: 

  • Useful guides for complying with specific laws that affect many businesses (including competition, consumer, company, financial services, anti-money laundering, privacy, WHS, employment, discrimination, environment, Banking Code, Franchising Code, Criminal Code, National Credit Code, electronic transactions and tax).
  • Tips for how to implement effective systems to deal with governance, risk management and compliance issues.
  • Lessons from key cases.
  • Expert commentary and practical tools on Compliance-related content are regularly updated by our authors, Samantha Carroll, Practice Director, Governance, Compliance & Regulation and Michelle Bradshaw, Special Counsel at Ash St Legal & Advisory.
  • Hot topics and alerts on how the law is changing. Take a look at the practical ways that businesses can respond to the Banking Royal Commission’s key recommendations, and progress updates about the implementation of the recommendations.
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