CCH Pinpoint® Competition & Consumer Law helps you quickly assess whether the conduct in your situation is unlawful and estimate how serious the consequences will be

Easily pinpoint cases that match your scenario, saving you hours of research. Our precedents, checklist, practical guides, comparative tables and expert commentary are at your fingertips.

Misleading Case Finder

Grasp the bottom line at a glance. The MCF can help you assess whether the conduct in your case is misleading, “in trade or commerce” and unlawful. It can help you estimate the likely damages or penalties, and the probability of jail time, bans, disqualifications, refunds, void contracts or other consequences.

Key Features

The Misleading Case Finder can help you identify what conduct is being targeted by regulators, and can help you decide whether to settle a case, and for how much.

Find out what a case is about in roughly 15 words. Take a bird’s eye view and spot trends across cases.

Find cases about a particular:

  • Industry, e.g. Finance, Property or Retail
  • Context, e.g. Sale of business
  • Role, e.g. Director
  • Type of conduct, e.g. Silence, Advertising or Social media
  • Topic, e.g. Price or Comparison.

Look for cases:

  • Involving regulators
  • Resolved by regulators, tribunals or courts
  • By a particular judge
  • With an admission or agreed penalty (or not)
  • Involving a particular section of the ACL, TPA, Fair Trading Acts, ASIC Act, Corporations Act etc.

Tables comparing cases

Want a few paragraphs instead of a few words about each case? Our interactive Misleading Case Finder is backed by more detailed, static comparative case tables on many sub-topics, e.g. “In trade or commerce”, Misleading silence, and Misleading or deceptive conduct in Conveyancing or Sale of businesses.

Check out our popular comparative case example tables on other topics:

  • Unconscionable conduct
  • Cartel conduct and anti-competitive agreements
  • Unfair contract terms
  • Consumer guarantees, etc.

Practical tools

Check out our popular Australian Consumer Law Comparative Table, our much-used glossaries on competition and consumer law, our checklist on unfair contract terms, and our precedents on manufacturer’s limited warranty, franchise agreements, sponsorship agreements, disclaimers, returns policies and lay-by agreements.

Practical guides suggest various steps for dealing with situations, such as contract terms that are likely to be considered unfair, or the new law on misuse of market power.

Misleading Case Finder
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CCH Pinpoint® Competition & Consumer Law – Misleading Case Finder
CCH Pinpoint® Competition and Consumer Law

Watch our short video showcasing one of our most popular tools within the Competition & Consumer Law practice area. The Misleading Case Finder can help you assess whether the conduct in your case is misleading and how serious the consequences might be.

Experience CCH Pinpoint® for yourself.

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