CCH Pinpoint® Company Law is a comprehensive research solution for in-house legal teams and commercial lawyers, methodically stepping through the Corporations Act 2001 providing related court rules, forms and other source material for each section.

Written by experienced Australian corporate lawyers, it intuitively links expert commentary with up-to-date legislation, court rules, forms and other source material.

CCH Pinpoint® allows you to easily search and browse through the over 3,500 sections of the Corporations Act 2001, allowing you to find the right answers with fewer clicks.

Expansive Case Library

CCH Pinpoint® includes over 5,000 headnoted company law cases from the High Court, Federal Court, State and Territory Supreme Courts, Takeovers Panel and Administrative Appeals Tribunal dating back to 1971.

Practice tools

It’s your source of hundreds for practice tools and precedents developed by legal practitioners.

Company Law Form Library

CCH Pinpoint® provides you with the ability to fill out over 300 forms online.

News alerts

Stay up-to-date by easily setting up a daily or weekly alert with all the relevant Company Law news.

CCH Pinpoint® Company Law provides deep knowledge and expert guidance across the following topics:

  • Shares
  • Directors’ powers and duties
  • Company secretary compliance
  • Executive remuneration
  • Company constitutions
  • Financial reports and audits
  • Company meetings
  • Company registers
  • Managed investment schemes
  • Chapter 6 takeovers
  • Securities
  • Capital raising
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Financial services and markets
  • Security for costs
CCH Pinpoint® Company Law – 360 degree view
Watch Video
CCH Pinpoint® Company Law – 360 degree view
CCH Pinpoint® – Company Law

Watch our short video to see how you can gain a 360 degree view of the legislation, regulations, commentary, cases, practical tools including precedents and forms, releases and rulings within our Company Law practice area.

Company Law is governed primarily by the Corporations Act. Our CCH Pinpoint® legal research platform steps through the Corporations Act providing relevant source material for each section.

Experience CCH Pinpoint® for yourself.

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