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BOMA is specifically designed for accountants to remove digital marketing time, cost, and complexity.

The Wolters Kluwer CCH iQ Premium Library Available in BOMA
The Wolters Kluwer CCH iQ premium library is a great source for all tax-related and business news. Bring real value to your clients by highlighting issues that may affect their business and sharing insights to help them grow.

When you subscribe to BOMA, you will have access to:

  • Trusted iQ articles in the Wolters Kluwer CCH iQ premium* library

  • Within your BOMA subscription, you’ll have access to over 300 high-quality articles specifically written for accountants - you can customise and share in email, social posts and on your website blog.

  • Over 1.7 million royalty-free images to choose from.

  • Easy campaign creation to effortlessly publish articles across your digital marketing channels.

  • Scheduling for emails, social posts, and social ads to grow your audience.

  • Simple lead capture forms to grow your database or newsletter subscription.

  • One-to-one training with BOMA’s friendly support team.

* This premium content is free for Wolters Kluwer CCH IQ subscribers.

Are you an existing Wolters Kluwer customer?

Wolters Kluwer subscribers get exclusive access to the Wolters Kluwer CCH iQ premium content library when they subscribe to BOMA.

BOMA 14-day FREE Trial


Not a Wolters Kluwer customer yet?

If you are not already a CCH iQ subscriber, you can access this premium content for an additional charge in your BOMA subscription.

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