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Golden Bridge Awards 2022 - Silver
CCH iFirm Wins Silver
2022 Golden Bridge Award in the Business to Business Products category
Golden Bridge Awards 2022 - Silver
CCH iFirm Wins Silver
2022 Golden Bridge Award in the Business Services category

CCH iFirm is an award-winning practice management software ecosystem built around a centralised client database that helps accounting professionals serve their clients and manage their practice.

CCH iFirm is cloud-based software that equips accounting practitioners with the tools they need to integrate, monitor and streamline all the key facets of their business. It is a collection of online applications that combine the power of integration, automation and collaboration to create new opportunities for streamlined workflow (including tax compliance workflow), as well as for the implementation of more effective invoicing programs and better capacity planning without increased costs.

CCH iFirm also allows more efficient and effective invoicing and automated collection — all fully integrated within the platform.

Introduction to CCH iFirm
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Introduction to CCH iFirm
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What are our clients saying
The seamless integration of applications in CCH iFirm saves us significant time in our levels of reporting and client service. We have eliminated unnecessary duplication and made it even easier to manage projects and proactively communicate with our clients at the same time. This can also happen anywhere – which is entirely essential to the growth of the modern workforce.
Phil Marendaz
Our initial enquiry response was very quick and the requirements were understood in an easy and professional manner. The next stage of implementation was also great. Support was provided all the way through to going Live
Raj Rana
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