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Wise Accounting - Case Study CCH Learning

How partnering with CCH Learning adds Business Intelligence & Value
CHALLENGE: Cost-effectively replace in-person learning with value-added, expert professional insights for a busy team.

Many learning providers are now claiming to have an appropriate solution. However, CCH Learning has a solid track record, and we believe this puts them ahead of the curve – or in this case, the competition.

Tyler Wise - Wise Accounting
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Wise Accounting is a boutique tax, accounting and business advisory specialist firm in Western Australia. Its digital innovation saw it move to the cloud early and reap the benefits of advanced technology.

Following the restriction of in-person learning options during the pandemic, the award-winning firm realised it needed access to technical updates and industry insights in an easy to access platform which would support the interests of each of its team members.

Wise Accounting had purposefully elected to downsize its firm a couple of years earlier for strategic reasons. This enabled its founder, Tyler Wise, to follow his passion for cybersecurity and launch Cyberwise. Following heavy demand for his tax and accounting expertise, his Wise Accounting team expanded its clientele again – meaning staying on top of legislative change, technical updates and industry insights became a priority once more.

Good value guaranteed

As a long term and very satisfied Wolters Kluwer CCH iFirm Practice Management suite user, it had previously subscribed to the CCH Learning webinar platform. Investigating the available options for online learning tailored for the accounting industry led to the realisation there had been an increase in learning operators in the space. Still, with CCH Learning, “it knew what it was getting, and it’s good value”.

Once again, it turned to CCH Learning for its team’s professional learning and development needs – ensuring the cost-effective and high-quality professional and personal development solutions added value and CPD points to team members.

Professional presentation benchmark

For Tyler, it is the standard of the presenters that further differentiates the CCH Learning webinar platform. He believes there is a considered selection of industry professionals presenting on key topics across tax, accounting, finance, and legal together, all focusing on ‘deep learning’.

“Presenters across all topics are subject matter experts, and you can see how deep their industry knowledge is whenever there are any follow up questions. What this gives the audience is 100 per cent confidence that the engaging presenter in front of you does have the level of industry insights we are all aiming to develop.”

Enabling continuous development

Wise Accounting also benefits from the broad knowledge base on offer with the CCH Learning webinar platform. Team members can access technical updates and topics of interest each month, familiarising themselves with the calendar of presenters and topics at the beginning of each month.

Professional development is something you need to incorporate into your career. And with CCH Learning, I can sign up for the sessions that directly apply to me, plus tailor the sessions that I have a general interest in into my diary.

Tyler Wise

Another benefit for the busy tax and accounting team is the online ease of use ensures the CCH Learning sessions can be scheduled around their existing workloads.

The 160 scheduled webinars are also supported by a vast catalogue of over 400 webinars-on-demand to extend the learning and value component of every subscription. Convenient access to downloadable workbooks and supporting documentation extends the research process.

A benefit of an online-webinar-only approach during the pandemic meant we were no longer sacrificing personal travel time and large chunks of time out of the office to head to Perth for a seminar. Not everyone needs to sit in a two-day seminar, and they certainly aren’t interested in all of the topics either. This webinar on-demand approach works well for us all.

Tyler Wise

Effective learning outcomes Learning webinars are more than sharing information for Tyler and the team – they are about effectively integrating business intelligence into their day-to-day business.

“CCH Learning is like a silent partner investing in our business. It gives me access to industry experts I can bounce ideas off. I rarely attend webinars just for the update component. For our team, it’s a way to extend our skillset and maintain our CPD accreditation. You could say it’s a win-win,” he said.

He believes CCH Learning is the key to unlocking unique problems, describing the research data supplied across its solutions as valuable.

I truly value the information CCH Learning provides to the team and indirectly to our clients. Even if we return to in-person professional development in the future, CCH Learning will remain a crucial part of our professional learning mix.

Tyler Wise - Wise Accounting
Download Case Study (PDF)
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