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Tax & AccountingLegalFebruary 21, 2022

AMD Accounting - Case Study CCH Learning

Creating a professional pathway with CCH Learning

Before using CCH Learning, our professional development program was a drain on our budget and our productivity levels. We had to block out time for our staff to physically travel to in-person seminars, which doubled our costs and inevitably increased their workloads.

Tegan List, Human Resources, AMD
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Deliver an easy-to-access professional learning solution to enable a growth mindset and meet CPD accreditation requirements.


Established in 1982, AMD is one of the largest accounting, audit and advisory service provider groups in regional Western Australia. It operates four separate offices with a team of more than 75 professionals. AMD has integrated CCH Learning into its learning path for its accounting professionals for the past few years. It trusts the webinar platform to keep everyone from graduates to directors across up-to-date industry knowledge.

Today, Tegan List, head of Human Resources, acknowledges the drive to maintain CPD accreditation is matched by the drive to bolster their knowledge, not only about tax and accounting but general topics that help professionals perform at their best.

CCH Learning is part of how AMD puts its team’s professional needs first and is a way to connect professional performance to their business.

Amazing customer service pays off

For Tegan, establishing and developing a formal learning path with CCH Learning for the AMD team has been made so much easier with the superior customer support delivered by Wolters Kluwer. AMD relies on CCH Learning as part of its onboarding and induction process for new hires and its graduate program, general topics for personal development goals — all the way through to industry updates and legislative changes.

Tegan worked closely with Wolters Kluwer to set up each team member to tailor learning paths specifically for each phase of their career, building the beginnings of a tiered system designed to replicate their experience and performance goals.

Now AMD staff can autonomously select and schedule the topics they need and want to register for. This means accountants that specialise in tax requirements for deceased estates and other team members navigating through a cryptocurrency issue are both able to source the information they need when the webinar takes place or later on-demand.

We can achieve a hybrid e-learning approach with CCH Learning because the topics are relevant and up to date, and allow our team to build a general understanding or drill down further to become subject matter experts. It’s a great approach,

Tegan outlined.

Creating a learning-based mindset

A key benefit of CCH Learning is the broad range of topics on offer for staff. AMD appreciates how topic areas are segmented and repeated across different industry verticals – with relevant insights tailored to each audience.

“This really makes sense to our firm as one topic may apply to both tax and accounting; however, it is the interpretation and application of the topic which may be slightly different. This is a real benefit and underpins the value-add the CCH Learning webinar platform adds to our business,” Tegan said.

The additional workbooks for webinars also are appreciated by the busy teams. They acknowledge that these help them maintain the professional accreditation levels they need to deliver premium advice.

The successful adoption of CCH Learning is reflected in the usability and relevance of the topics and easy access. Staff members aren’t starting a webinar module and stopping them – they are scheduling them into their lunch hours or accessing them as podcast-style experiences as they move about their day.

CCH Learning suits the way people learn and also the post-pandemic environment the team now operates in. The catalogue of hundreds of topics also encourages accounting professionals to return to a topic they are interested in and re-visit the knowledge they need.

Value-added business intelligence CCH Learning webinar module attendance is directly recorded against your professional licence and profile. According to AMD, topics presented by highly experienced experts are a non-negotiable approach to professional learning.

CCH Learning has definitely benefited the business because of its laser-like focus on subject matter experts and professional delivery. The entire team is confident that the presenters know what they are talking about. It’s a great investment for the firm,

Tegan said.

Commenting on the benefits of CCH Learning, Tegan was clear: “If you aren’t investing in the education of your accounting professionals now, your firm faces the possibility of being left behind when compared to the firms who do invest in learning. It only helps to keep your people and their skills as relevant and as up to date as you can. This is a time when businesses need their trusted adviser. Your accounting professionals need to be reading, and they need to be listening. I can’t see any reason not to be using CCH Learning.”

Download Case Study (PDF)
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