FinanceMarch 05, 2018

6 red flags your legacy financial consolidation system is ready for retirement

State of the Financial Consolidation Nation

94% of financial executives are unhappy with their existing consolidation system. In a survey of over 100 financial executives, we found that the overwhelming majority had not chosen their consolidation system. Only 15% of the respondents chose their current system based on a detailed evaluation. 61% didn’t choose their financial consolidation software at all. It was around long before their time.

The result? Outdated, ineffective processes that hinder finance’s ability to perform financial consolidation efficiently and with maximum impact.

By downloading, 6 Red Flags Your Legacy Consolidation System is Ready for Retirement, you'll learn:
• The six red flags that signal consolidation systems are no longer working
• How those red flags can cause major problems in the consolidation process
• The best practices you can apply to bring consolidation processes back to life

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