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Zdravotnictví12 září, 2022

Light up your insights: A clinical terminology strategy for trustworthy analytics

The importance of analytics to gain trustworthy insights has exploded within the healthcare industry. However, due to the volume of unstandardized data being generated and the numerous industry standards undergoing constant updates, we cannot trust the accuracy of the insights. 

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn how a clinical terminology management strategy and platform can truly solve for these challenges, and enable organizations to produce and maintain consistent, accurate, and reliable analytics. 

Watch now to hear our expert speakers discuss:

  • The challenge of maintaining terminologies and value sets
  • Essential components of a turnkey terminology management platform
  • How Advata implemented authoritative, clear, up-to-date code definitions to empower their machine learning and analytics models
  • Terminology best practices to ensure your organization is equipped to generate the most accurate and reliable analytics
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