Our Certified Trainer Program finds engaged and motivated individuals within our subscribing institutions to help their clinicians understand how to access and get the best out of UpToDate®. Thus, helping to:

  • Improve patient care within your institution
  • Drive registration for personalized access and support the use of UpToDate through your EHR
  • Increase awareness of CME accrual & redemption process, mobile app & personalization options and more!

As an UpToDate Certified Trainer you will:

  • Become an expert on using UpToDate to support colleagues within your institution
  • Gain valuable insights before everyone else into all the features and benefits of using a clinical decision tool, like UpToDate
  • Receive an email certificate to show your personal achievement and value to your institution

The steps you will take through the certification process include:

  • Fill out the registration form (link below)
  • Complete Modules 1-5
  • Pass Certification Test

Each module is approximately 15 minutes long with the entire process completed in less than two hours

Once you pass the certification test, you will become a member of a community of UpToDate advocates across the globe with access to:

  • The UpToDate Certified Trainer Portal and Forum
  • Customizable posters/tip sheets/templates and other materials
  • Regional Certified Trainer and Clinical Advocate events

You will then be ready to plan and host your own UpToDate Awareness Building Events. The UpToDate Customer Success Team will be available to provide ongoing support, materials and answer any questions you have as you spread the word about UpToDate among your colleagues and within your institution.

For more information about the program or if you have questions, please contact your UpToDate account manager or email us.

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