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Provides easy access to highly cited multi-publisher content in a cost-effective package – with 4 high quality addiction journals and 25 top eBooks at a discounted price.

The Ovid Addiction Collection is the solution to assist coping with budget cuts & limited funds especially for small hospitals.

Addiction is a key issue at all levels of medical training that is encountered in virtually every area of healthcare, and yet by most accounts it is not taught well outside of the addiction medicine fellowship. The problem is compounded by the relative newness of the addiction medicine subspecialty, as the public is only now turning to physicians and other healthcare professionals for help in greater numbers than ever before.

This collection comes with core titles from the American Society of Addiction Medicine: Journal of Addiction Medicine, Essentials of Addiction Medicine, and Principles of Addiction Medicine and also includes the Core Doody’s titles “Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs for Children and Adolescents” from Hogrefe Publishing, and ""Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook."" A complete list of Journals and books is available on the “What’s Included” page.

All content is made available with the full functionality and tools of the Ovid platform through Journals@Ovid and Books@Ovid the tools dedicated to full text searching.
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