The Value of Our Reference Data Management Solution

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Single Source of Truth

Centrally update and version data to ensure access to historical and current content.

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Increase Operational Efficiency 

Eliminate duplicate efforts across your organization regarding the acquisition, authoring, and maintenance of reference terminology.

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Accurate and Reliable Data 

Define a single definition for clinical concepts or population cohorts that can be leveraged by various departments across your organization.

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Simplify Data Governance

Enhance the quality, availability, and integrity of your data and improve your workflow by enabling cross-organizational collaboration.

Health Language specialized content, software, and services support your high-value use cases

Our Reference Data Management solution consists of curated data, advanced technology, and expert services.


Standard Data:  Diagnosis and procedure billing codes such as ICD-10-CM, CPT®, and HCPCS used in the data warehouse, call center, and claims processing center.

Proprietary Data:  Includes Health Language authored maps such as SNOMED CT®to CPT, CPT to LOINC®, and ICD-10 Reporting Maps. Code groups such as medical specialties, and sensitivity codes, and synonym libraries which include Provider Friendly Terminology and Consumer Friendly Descriptions. 

Custom Data:  We offer custom maps of local drug and lab catalogs to standards, interoperability maps, custom synonyms, descriptions, and more. 


Our Reference Data Management solution provides a suite of software applications that allow you to model, group, and search your reference data.

Includes: Language Engine®, Modeler, Code Group Manager, and Code Explorer

The Language Engine, our terminology management software, complements and seamlessly integrates into your existing enterprise data warehouse or Master Data Management platform, allowing the distribution of data to critical downstream systems. It supports consolidated, high quality, consistent and sharable data, thus increasing the quality of analytics and enabling interoperability.


Our staff of terminology experts include technical integration specialists, clinical resources, and informaticists – all dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Our suite of services provides complete coverage ranging from integration and advisory support for simple data file projects, authoring services when you need to author your own local terminologies, education services to help ensure your team gets the most from your reference data management investment, or data governance services if you’re supporting an enterprise-wide reference data management implementation.

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