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Patients and members can be partners in their own health to help support better outcomes and satisfaction. The right expert, accessible content can nurture healthy behaviors and actions that align with clinical care plans through trustworthy, consistent, and compassionate communications.

The expert, evidence-based content design from UpToDate® Patient and Member Engagement solutions (formerly Emmi®) supports an integrated approach to healthcare.

The team of experienced writers, medical illustrators, user experience designers, and voice engineers creating the patient content are dedicated to the art and science of empathetic, inclusive communication.

Let's watch an example:

graphic of covid virus and handwashing
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Understanding COVID-19 and how to stay safe
Watch this educational video developed in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, designed to inform patients and members on keeping themselves and their loved ones safe.
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UpToDate Patient and Member Engagement solutions (formerly Emmi) enable healthcare organizations to build stronger relationships, enhance the care experience, improve health outcomes, and support value-based care initiatives, while increasing revenue and reducing costs.
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