Hazardous drugs pose a unique risk for the staff and patients of facilities who compound and administer them

A closed-loop solution that incorporates established standards into daily practice helps mitigate those risks and supports your efforts to comply with USP pharmacy compliance. This is essential for staff and patient safety and overall quality of medications compounded.

What is USP 800?

Each year more than 8 million U.S. healthcare workers are potentially exposed to harmful Hazardous Drugs (HD). Possible side effects of HD exposure include headaches, hair loss, vision issues, reproductive health effects, and increased cancer risk. 

USP 800 Hazardous Drugs – Handling in Healthcare Settings was developed to provide new quality standards for handling Hazardous Drugs in all settings, with an end goal of ensuring the safety of both patients and staff who come in contact with HDs. It addresses specific areas in which pharmacy typically drives accountability, including:

  • Staff requirements, such as the Designated Person role and acknowledgement of risk
  • Facility standards, including storage, compounding, and containment
  • Transfer device requirements
  • Environmental quality control
  • PPE usage
  • Spill prevention and management

How Simplifi 797 streamlines USP 800 in your pharmacy

Simplifi 797 is a closed-loop, expert-developed compliance solution that supports compliance with USP 800 in the pharmacy and includes:

  • A customizable interface eliminates the paper and binder clutter of the documentation process, reducing time and effort for your team.
  • Expert content, task management and alerts to ensure you’re operating safely and compliantly—available on a mobile-friendly electronic platform. This way you have easy access wherever compounding occurs and greater visibility into completion and compliance in real time.
  • Now offering two Pharmacy Compounding CE collections to meet didactic training requirements. Each course teaches specific core skills or 2023 chapter requirements with interactive elements to support skills-based learning. Easily track course completions, attempts, and final scores.
  • Unlike other products that stop at inspection readiness, Simplifi 797 helps you continuously improve your practice with customizable analytics. Robust Quality Scorecards and data that can be parsed on a system level or in a specific unit can help you identify and mitigate trends and issues before they become major compliance problems. 
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Everything you need to be USP Chapter 800 compliant

Simplifi 797 provides your pharmacy with expert-led policies, procedures, and resources that support USP 800 compliance, including:

  • Hazardous drug employee training and safety program
  • Hazardous drug garbing
  • Hazardous drug compounding
  • Receiving hazardous drugs into inventory
  • Storage, labeling, packaging and transport
  • Hazardous drug decontamination, spill and waste management
Simplifi 797 offers pharmacy compounding Continuing Education for USP <800> 
These training courses align with the competencies and tasks we’ll build for you upon implementation, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks in your hazardous drug compounding operation. 

Collaborate with USP Compliance Experts

Annie Lambert
Clinical Program Manager for Compliance Solutions
Compliance Solution Clinical Program Manager Annie Lambert, PharmD, BCSCP is committed to providing up-to-date USP content and expert compliance guidance, and to work with you to optimize the use of our Simplifi+ pharmacy compliance solutions.

USP Chapter 800 Expert Insights 

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