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The Health Language Analytics Integrity Solution can methodically integrate into your existing data system to enable advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. Our solution ensures you're utilizing up-to-date, quality data to accurately and appropriately navigate industry regulations, and reliably monitor value-based care programs in support of evolving reimbursement models, all while alleviating the administrative burden of cleaning and preparing data.

Key benefits for health plans, providers, and health IT vendors

Health plans

Standardized data

Enabling health plans to combine relevant codes to define and target specific populations at a code level (diagnosis, procedures, problems, labs, SDOH, etc.).


Offering a single source of truth for clinical terminology, code groupings, and rules, ensuring consistency across the various programs and reduction of rework. 

Patient insights

Extract hidden clinical concepts from unstructured text to fill in the gaps in a patient's health history, allowing health plans to uncover health status insights further.

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Combine the codes you need to find specific populations at a code level (Diagnosis, Procedures, Problems, Labs, SDOH, etc.) to create and monitor value-based care programs for better patient outcomes.

Business support

Centralize the management of your value sets and population cohort definition across the entire organization to support a wide range of analytics needs, enabling quick access to code groups to help standardize data for analysis.

Quality data

Access continuously updated libraries of standard and proprietary codes and code sets, from industry standards bodies, ready for analysis and reporting.

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Health IT Vendors

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Patient population analysis

Combine the codes you need to extract patient and population-level insights accurately and reliably at a code level (diagnosis, procedures, problems, labs, SDOH, etc.) to support the evolution of reimbursement models and value-based care programs. Navigate evolving industry regulations and alleviate administrative burdens associated with maintaining custom code groupings and definitions.

Integrate with other technology

Our solution is easy to use, maintain, and integrate with other data sources using flat files or APIs.

Data-driven business decisions

Organize and analyze semi-structured, structured, or unstructured data sent from clinical, claims, and emerging data sources to transform data into rich business insights.

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