Self-service analytics powered by GenAI
Imagine generating CPM analytics was as easy as asking your phone for today’s weather. Now it is

CCH Tagetik Intelligent Analytics is a first-of-its-kind self-service reporting and analytics engine embedded across our Intelligent Platform. Simply Ask AI, our GenAI tool a question — verbally or via its chat box — and it will present results in the best possible format: chart, table, dashboard, or graph. 

This revolutionary software gives your team the keys to insights caged away in enormous troves of enterprise data. Intelligent Analytics leverages modeling and visualization tools that bring deep data insights to the surface from its trusted analytics ecosystem. To assemble strategic intelligence, all you have to do is ask.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Intelligent Analytics let's you focus on your business

Ask AI is your helpful assistant

“Tell me the sales revenue for product X in all BUs during last quarter.”

No longer do you have to search your CPM reports, filings, presentations, or records for the information you’re looking for. Simply Ask AI and it will find, and visualize, the answer.

  • Real-time performance analytics and monitoring 
  • Enhanced data exploration and analysis 
  • Executive-level insights  
  • Improved reporting performance on large data volumes 
  • Intuitive analysis experience  
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Mine and analyze reporting analytics from enormous data volumes

Our ready-to-use, AI-service technology facilitates sophisticated data interpretation. Intelligent Analytics makes deep, nuanced connections from enterprise data, transcending barriers like dimensions, hierarchies, and departmental siloes. 

  • Easily create dashboards on-the-fly 
  • Ask questions and Ask AI immediately answers 
  • Receive multiple drillable charts on dashboards via Ask AI 
  • No-code dashboards and data visualizations 
  • Analytics instantly produced via verbal or chat box request 
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