Holly Urban, MD, MBA has extensive experience in healthcare technology and believes in the power of evidence-based content to transform EHRs beyond transactional systems into tools that allow clinicians to provide improved patient outcomes. In her role, she supports the clinical editorial teams that are the foundations of the UpToDate® and Medi-Span® information solutions.

After practicing as a primary care pediatrician, Dr. Urban worked for several EHR technology and evidence-based content companies, and has served in healthcare IT leadership roles for over fifteen years. With this experience, she brings unique insight into how evidence and workflow can optimally merge to benefit clinical users and healthcare teams. Her experience with both provider and payer customers allows her to holistically understand the healthcare ecosystem with all the complicated drivers that influence how care is provided.

Dr. Urban believes generative AI holds a tremendous opportunity to improve healthcare for customers, through improved clinician efficiency and patient contextualized clinical decision support. However, clinical GenAI needs to be built on trust, both in terms of data consumed by the AI model and by clinical validation of the output.

Dr. Urban also holds a BA from Stanford University, an MD from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and an MBA from Regis University. Before joining Wolters Kluwer Health, she served as CMIO at Oracle Cerner, Director of Product Management at MCG Health, and VP of Product Management at McKesson Horizon Clinicals.

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