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Alleviating the mounting pressure on healthcare payers

Microsoft and Wolters Kluwer teamed up for a webinar to discuss how to tackle the mounting pressures on healthcare payers, including staff shortages, low member engagement rates, and distrust of medical information. The discussion focused on ways to address these growing issues while improving payer performance and outcomes.

The webinar touches on population health management, improved member engagement, and effective education strategies at the forefront of mounting pressures for health plans. The need to accurately identify the right members, provide the right educational content, and support the right health outcomes has become increasingly critical in today’s healthcare ecosystem. The webinar presenters outlined numerous additional challenges adding to these pressures, including:

  • Staff shortages in the healthcare industry
  • Low member engagement rates 
  • Distrust of medical information 

These challenges make driving improved outcomes and proving ROI a daunting task for many payer care management teams. 

How healthcare payers can alleviate mounting pressure with technology solutions

Healthcare payers are facing mounting pressures due to various challenges such as staff shortages, low member engagement rates, difficulty in calculating ROI for population health programs, and clinical misinformation affecting public health. In a recent webinar, Microsoft and Wolters Kluwer discussed ways to address these issues while improving payer performance and outcomes.

Whole person health: A shift in healthcare ecosystem

One of the key solutions highlighted in the webinar was the focus on whole person health, which represents a shift in the healthcare ecosystem globally. Microsoft emphasized the importance of a connected health system in driving a more holistic view and showcased the power of its solutions, including the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, in creating these connections. The integrated platform is a powerful tool for payers looking to scale their efforts and provide personalized care management programs.

Member engagement and health education content

Wolters Kluwer highlighted the role of member engagement and health education content in driving behavior change and measuring the impact of investments into population health programs. Using their UpToDate engagement program as a model, representatives showed how the technology and content can work together to meet members where they are and deliver personalized care management programs.

Technology solutions for healthcare payers

To address staff shortages, healthcare payers can leverage technology solutions such as telemedicine and remote monitoring to extend their reach and improve access to care. Low member engagement rates can be addressed by providing personalized and engaging health education content that meets members where they are in their health journey. Calculating ROI for population health programs can be challenging, but leveraging data management tools and analytics can help payers measure the impact of their programs and make data-driven decisions.

Providing accurate and reliable information to members

Clinical misinformation affecting public health can be addressed by providing accurate and reliable information to members. Payers can partner with trusted sources such as healthcare providers and medical associations to ensure that the information they provide is evidence-based and up-to-date.

Healthcare payers can alleviate the mounting pressure on their organizations by focusing on whole person health, leveraging technology solutions, providing personalized health education content, measuring the impact of their programs, and providing accurate and reliable information to members. By working together, healthcare payers can improve their performance and outcomes, and ultimately, the health of their members.

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