Boost consolidation projects with pmOne’s Smart Start Consolidation (SSC) starter kit

Smart Start Consolidation (SSC) covers plan and legal consolidation and contains empirical knowledge from decades experience. The solution's intelligent pre-configuration keeps European requirements top-of-mind to side-step much of the implementation period. A testable environment of the client’s group-chart-of-accounts is typically available within a few days and can be extended according to customer need.

As a project booster for medium to multinational corporations, SSC has a pre-defined set of standard reports. The solution is continuously developed by pmOne and adaptable to each customer. Significant pre-thought content, consistent nomenclature and detailed documentation supports a quick start. More profit can be derived from optional modular units for automatic data transfer from SAP and other ERP systems.

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3 reasons why Smart Start Consolidation from pmOne lets you focus on business

  • EBNER Industrieofenbau GmbH
For our group with 17 full-consolidated companies in seven countries, our project followed the main aim to modernize the consolidation process including reporting with support of a standard software. With the booster ‘Smart Start Consolidation’, we have been able to reach the test period relatively quickly. From the Go-Live until definite takeover of the system we needed only 19 consulting days.
Heinz Oyrer

Reports with colorful marking for additional data input

With its pre-thought content and standard reports, Smart Start Consolidation is the ideal project booster. Here are five stand-out benefits:

  • Work with reports faster than ever
  • 20 years of empirical knowledge is built into the app
  • As adaptable as you need it to be — no limits
  • Consistent nomenclature for transparency
  • Side-steps much of the implementation period
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Clearly and fast working reports for the concern statement

Based on its structure and content, Smart Start Consolidation is poised to deliver plan and legal consolidation for US GAAP, UGB (“Austrian GAAP”), HGB (“German GAAP”), FER (“Swiss GAAP”), IFRS and other GAAPs.

  • Dynamic structure for optimum adaptability
  • Group chart of accounts for better reports
  • Full array of clear, pre-defined reports
  • Seamless integration into leading data sources
  • Detailed documentation and example application
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