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Legal05 December, 2022

Have your law firm at hand and work on the go on your phone

As a lawyer, your agenda is full of appointments and tasks, and you might find yourself having to go to the office, clients, and the court on your average workday.

Timekeeping – billable hours in between travelling and waiting

How many billable hours get wasted when you are travelling or waiting in between appointments?

With high caseloads and increasing demands from firms and clients to provide high-quality legal services, lawyers cannot afford to waste time on the go and waiting in between.   

What if you can convert the time spent travelling and in between appointments into billable hours? What if you can make the most of your day, even when you are on go! After all, flexibility is key.  

Imagine being able to get work done when you are out of the office or schedule tasks to complete on your way to the courts on a mobile app. You will surely be more efficient and productive. What’s more, the hours dedicated to travel will be put into good use and you will be able to do timekeeping for them! 

A mobile app for lawyers

With the right application on your phone, you will be able to excel at being the lawyer that you aspire to be, all in the matter of a click/ scroll.  

Here are 5 ways you can benefit from having a mobile app installed on your phone.

  1. Your time in between appointments or on the go is not wasted
  2. Have full control over everything, and have access to your work, even when you don’t have your laptop in front of you 
  3. The hours you work, regardless of where you are, are converted into billable hours  
  4. You don’t have a pile of cases to work on, every time you return to the office 
  5. You are always equipped with the right tools to get the job done 

The modern lawyer cannot afford to lose time in between appointments and on go. Therefore, being equipped with the tools to get things done regardless of the time and the place is key.

Your law firm at hand
Explore how you can work on the go, do timekeeping, and excel at being the lawyer you aspire to be, all with your smartphone.
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