CCH Workflow Webinar
Tax & Accounting21 November, 2019

Webinar: Using workflows in CCH Central to manage team tasks remotely

If your team are not accustomed to remote working, you may have concerns around the operational effectiveness of your team and processes. Using the workflow system (that is already available to you) in CCH Central will enable you to continue to manage your practice remotely, ensuring that your team can keep up with work in a unified way.

Watch this webinar with Michael Fox and Nick Moss who will give you best practice tips and tricks about how to use workflow templates, to guide your staff through the tasks they need to perform so that everyone in the practice follows the same procedures every time.

During this webinar our experts will show you how to use Workflows to:

  • set out steps and allocating tasks to the right person
  • guide your staff through job based tasks that they need to perform
  • automating compliance based tasks
  • control the movement of letters and documents through your practice

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