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Tax & Accounting07 June, 2023

Webinar: Our journey to cloud: Mark Purdue’s progress update

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK’s journey to the cloud continues apace. Those who joined us at Accountex 2023 in London will have heard about our plans.

We’re not just moving our CCH applications to the cloud: we’re building an API-first platform from scratch. We are taking that approach because it will allow us to build a broader range of functions in the future. This could include third-party functions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Mark Purdue is our Head of Tax & Accounting Compliance Products. Download and watch this webinar as Mark outlines our work on cloud thus far.

You’ll find out about our upcoming plans for:

  • the transition of CCH Personal Tax and CCH Accounts Production
  • client onboarding
  • cloud provisions for sole traders’ tax and accounting requirements
  • transactional billing in the cloud
  • other cloud-based practice and audit tools

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