Webinar: Digital Links for MTD and VAT with CCH OneClick
Tax & Accounting15 February, 2022

Webinar: Digital Links for MTD and VAT with CCH OneClick

Despite what you may have heard, digital links are still a relevant and acceptable choice for MTD for VAT.

Many practices still use a combination of bookkeeping products, alongside spreadsheets, to calculate a VAT return before they submit it to HMRC. With CCH OneClick, you can feed data from these spreadsheets directly into our solution and on to HMRC. This method complies with HMRC’s requirements, and also allows you to maintain many of your current processes.

Watch this on-demand webinar where our digital specialists Martin Patmore and Lamorna Harris demonstrate our MTD for VAT solution within CCH OneClick. During the webinar, you’ll receive:

  • a refresher on the facts around MTD for VAT
  • a demonstration of how CCH OneClick provides a painless transition to MTD for VAT
  • helpful advice about the choices you can make, to ensure MTD for VAT works for your practice

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