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Tax & Accounting21 November, 2019

Webinar: Building new insights for your business with Power BI

Increasingly, organisations are using business intelligence (BI) to unlock future growth opportunities. The amount of data we ingest as a society is on an exponential climb, but how is our ability to make sense of that data evolving? 


Businesses with vast databases of largely untapped patterns, trends and insights may be ripe for transformation with the right BI tooling.

You can now consume data from CCH Central in Power BI – giving you the ability to drive business insight from a single, intuitive location. By unlocking information from your own database you can generate insight around changing behaviours in practice, spot cross sell and upsell opportunities among clients, and refine your strategy for future business growth.

In this session, Head of Analytics, Ian Elder will share how you can use Microsoft Power BI to connect to the CCH Central database to produce some practice management-led KPIs and metrics, taking data already in the database and visualising this in ways not possible before.

During this webinar our analytics expert will cover:

  • an overview of the broad trends and observations around BI

  • examples of companies leading their fields and their practices

  • how Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK has gone through a BI transformation

  • a demonstration of dashboards built in Power BI, on the CCH Central database

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