30+ KPIs the modern accountant should be tracking
Tax & Accounting26 September, 2022

Metrics of success: how accountants know their practice is growing

There are a wide variety of metrics of success that accountants should take note of. 


As accountants, you'll be primarily concerned with turnover, return and profit. This is not unreasonable: they are crucial KPIs to measure. However, the story of your practice is far broader than that. It incorporates not only financial metrics, but also those relating to areas like productivity, marketing, relationship management, client acquisition and so on.


Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK has created the ultimate KPI guide for the modern accounting practice. This list covers the foundational metrics of success that any organisation should recognise, and those that relate specifically to accountants. The aim of our guide is to help you understand the following:


  • Your practice's strengths and weaknesses
  • Where you might look to do things differently
  • How to look for new sources of innovation and efficiency


Download our guide to read about more than 30 KPIs you could be tracking in your practice. 


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