Tax & Accounting09 September, 2020

How do you recognise you have outgrown your existing tax processes?

Before COVID-19, corporations were already under mounting scrutiny. Demands were growing from investors and regulators, as well as other interest groups, for greater transparency and accountability.

Tax teams are under particular pressure. Boards seek greater assurances on exposure to risk. Regulators demand more detailed, rapid reporting. Governments are looking for ways to claw back revenue through taxation.

And yet, even with the rapid evolution of accounting technology, many tax teams continue to work with disjointed legacy systems and cumbersome processes that barely measure up to the task.

In an interview with CAANZ Acuity magazine, Andy Hung, Director, Professional Firms & International, CCH Integrator at Wolters Kluwer, and Kim Olsen, Head of Product – Enterprise Software, discuss how an enterprise-wide tax platform can be a game changer in meeting your organisation’s ongoing reporting processes and tax compliance responsibilities.

You can find the article “How CCH Integrator can transform your tax function” on the CAANZ acuity website. The article links through to our new Corporate Tax Technology Buying Guide which will step you through all you need to know in your tax transformation journey.

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