Successful year end meeting
Tax & Accounting20 March, 2023

Financial Planning And Projections: How finsit delivers a successful year-end meeting

Accountancy, financial planning and projections aren’t just a numbers game.

The classic year-end meeting with a client is therefore a crucial juncture in the accountant’s calendar. It equips the accountant to build a closer relationship of trust with their clients, both for the purposes of client retention and upselling future services. That all depends on productive, high-quality conversations. Yet accountants will know that driving such conversations can be easier said than done.

What makes a great year-end meeting?

At Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK, we combine deep domain knowledge with advanced technology to drive better outcomes and analytics for our customers. We offer finsit – a tool designed to generate smarter, simpler financial reporting and forecasting for accountants. We spoke with three of finsit’s earliest adopters to understand how finsit transformed their interactions with clients in year-end meetings – and how this subsequently informed decisions throughout the rest of the year. Download our article to hear from:

  • Pär Dahlström, certified business advisor (Grant Thornton)
  • Fozia Muddassir, partner (Reddy Siddiqui LLP)
  • James Goodman, partner (Consilium Chartered Accountants)

To find out more about their experience using finsit-

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