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Tax & Accounting24 January, 2023

Data Privacy Day: responsible data practice in accountancy

As modern practices move towards cloud accounting, accountants are reaping the rewards of being able to access, process and analyse data faster. 


Big data can lead to transformative insights that can generate new business lines and help clients prosper in innovative ways. However, with larger data sets comes increased responsibility. Responsible data processes and procedures are paramount to maintaining the trust and confidence of clients. On 28 January, businesses worldwide mark Data Privacy Day.


This day seeks to raise awareness about protecting the privacy of personal and confidential data online. At Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK, our growing digital portfolio is rooted in our commitment to being digital-first. In our downloadable piece, we’ll explore how practices are doing more with data – more securely than ever before. It covers the following:


  • Busting the myths of data security in the cloud
  • The data security benefits of cloud-based accounting platforms
  • Protecting client data with secure multi-factor authentication 

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