Finance28 November, 2022

Buyers Guide for Budgeting and Planning Solutions

Part of BPM Partner’s 2022 Performance Management Series

To help companies in the market for a new budgeting and planning solution, BPM Partners recently released their 2022 Buyers Guide for Budgeting and Planning Solutions. The guide leverages data from their annual BPM Pulse Research Study and Vendor Landscape Matrix report and is the only vendor-neutral Buyers Guide for Budgeting & Planning Solutions.

Areas covered in this guide include budgeting, forecasting, modeling, financial planning, operational planning, and analytics.

This guide has 6 key sections:

  • Requirements – guidance on the key requirements you should be considering for your new budgeting and planning solution
  • Core vendors – a brief snapshot for a list of established vendors that have received top ratings specifically for their budgeting and planning functionality
  • Core vendors rating comparison chart – a chart comparing customer satisfaction ratings for seven key attributes
  • Additional vendors – a list of newer vendors and others that did not meet the core vendor criteria
  • Process – elements of the methodology and best practices we use on our own projects to enable you to find the best vendor for your unique requirements
  • Additional content – CCH Tagetik Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting data sheet
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