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Exploring the opportunities and challenges of implementing new technology

Tuesday 15th November | 10.00 am - 11.00 am

When your practice is looking to introduce new technology, are you clear on how this aligns to your business goals? Do you know what you ultimately want to achieve with it?

Only by answering these questions can you enthuse your people about the journey. They need a clear understanding of how it can benefit them and their clients.

Join Phil Hobden (head of digital sales) and Simon Kershaw (director of technology) from Wolters Kluwer, alongside Beever and Struthers’ tech strategy lead John Toon. They’ll be leading a panel discussion to explore the opportunities of new technology. You’ll also receive tips on how to overcome the challenges of implementation.

During this session, our panel will be covering:

  • How to align your technology strategy to your business strategy
  • The opportunities and challenges of new technology
  • How to make implementation a success for your business and employees
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