Taking Your Clinical Surveillance and Compliance Programs to the next level.

Many hospitals are still trying to realize a full return on the millions they’ve invested in their electronic health record (EHR) systems—and rely on these systems to address a wide range of clinical, pharmacy and compliance challenges. By integrating the latest evidence-based guidance and best practices, the advanced technology of our SoleSource platform gives your clinicians a clear, early line of sight into emerging clinical or compliance concerns.

Quickly Expand and Configure Programs to Your Needs 
Our team helps you quickly adopt out-the-box applications and easily manage and scale clinical surveillance, pharmacy and compliance programs and protocols across a single facility or a multi-hospital system to standardize programs. No IT or vendor support required. 

SoleSource Platform Benefits

Standardizing clinical, pharmacy surveillance and compliance programs starts with your teams fully embracing existing policies and procedures. SoleSource helps enforce your policies, provides access to the latest evidence-based guidance and best practices and drives deeper insights that improve financial, operational and clinical outcomes.

With SoleSource, you can expect:

  • Quick and easy EHR integration – Seamlessly access patient data across systems.
  • Optimized clinical workflows – Existing workflows make it easy for clinicians to follow policies and benefit from quick access to the latest evidence-based guidance.
  • Advanced data enrichment – Makes data more actionable seamlessly using data mapping and AI technology, including natural language processing (NLP), to enhance patient identification and analytics.
  • Robust data visualization  – Comprehensive metrics, on-demand reporting and program-specific dashboards inform continuous improvement.
  • Strict data security standards such as SOC2-audited data center, data encryption, role-based permissions and rigorous training for employees—ensures your data is safe at all times. 

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