NILS™ MCE for P&C is an easy-to-use market conduct research tool helping insurers prepare and respond to examinations, and maintain compliance with market conduct requirements. It gives property and casualty insurers a way to assess market conduct compliance requirements that apply to them by state, by lines of business, and by market conduct topics.
With NILS™ MCE for P&C, increase the effectiveness of compliance staff as they strive to deal with the over 25,000 (and growing countrywide) requirements that govern property/casualty market conduct. The benefits of an effective market conduct program have never been more critical to your bottom line.

It helps companies reduce costs and save resources by providing:

  • State specific regulatory focus and insight
  • A comprehensive audit & research tool
  • A way to prioritize compliance efforts
  • An easy way to educate staff on Market Conduct compliance

Unlike any other tool available for compliance, NILS™ MCE for P&C is the first product built and maintained by former regulators and compliance experts for compliance professionals. It is this blend of regulatory and industry compliance expertise that makes NILS™ MCE for P&C the most powerful research and auditing tool.

The NILS™ MCE for P&C database includes relevant statutes, regulations, and bulletins (cites) to audit or research for market conduct compliance. Cites in our database focus on what a market conduct examiner may review while conducting a market conduct examination. NILS™ MCE for P&C is available for Property and Casualty and Workers' Compensation insurance.

Information is only as good as your ability to access it.


NILS™ MCE for P&C’s unique Search Wizard allows you to focus only on the information you need by conducting different types of searches based on your selection of…

  • State(s)
  • Line(s) of business
  • Issue(s)

There are several different methods for searching the database to obtain the desired information. You can search by topic within each state and line(s) of business, or search one specific topic across multiple states. NILS™ MCE for P&C is linked with past state market conduct criticisms relating to the requirements contained in the cite – so you can identify the requirements most often criticized by state examiners. Our experts provides you with valuable insight on how an examiner may apply key requirements for each of the statutes and regulations.

Address key needs for market conduct content.

Insurers and third-party administrators use NILS™ MCE for P&C in…

  • Preparing for and responding to state examinations
  • Performing self-audits
  • Preparing new product launches
  • Performing legal research
  • Conducting personnel training
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