What is an ESG Platform?

ESG platforms offer ESG software solutions that assist companies in the managing, tracking, and reporting of their compliance and performance against environmental, social, and governance criteria and regulations. ESG software solutions feature data collection and analysis tools to monitor environmental metrics like carbon emissions or water usage, track social factors such as diversity and employee relations, and evaluate governance aspects like board composition and ethical practices. ESG platforms are used by organizations to assess their sustainability efforts, identify areas for improvement, and to report ESG performance to stakeholders, investors, and regulatory bodies.

An ESG platform that brings clarity to reporting complexity

Enablon ESG Excellence offers unparalleled ESG performance management and reporting. Our ESG software solutions bridge the gap between EHS, sustainability, and finance. Enablon’s ESG platform gives non-financial data the same level of scrutiny as financial data, guaranteeing reliable and accurate ESG reporting and disclosure. Earn the trust of stakeholders with verifiable insights and data-backed answers. Foster collaboration between your EHS and finance teams. Enablon EHS software solutions unlock the potential for ESG management excellence.

  • Collect auditable data
  • Identify risks
  • Create ESG reports
  • Perform assessments

Solutions that fit your needs

The Enablon ESG Excellence solution, powered by reporting and disclosure functionality from CCH® Tagetik, allows you to address growing stakeholder expectations regarding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and an accelerated pace of new ESG regulations. Weave ESG into all aspects of your business, mitigate ESG risks, uncover new opportunities to build resilience, protect your brand image, and improve ESG performance.

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Naturgy transitions to a new energy model with Enablon
Transitioning to a new energy model with Enablon: Naturgy
Naturgy's Corporate Head of Environment and Sustainability, Nieves Cifuentes Valero, explains how using a single software system across their enterprise has helped collect key sustainability metrics, saved time, and improved data management.

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