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BNP PARIBAS reports environmental data to reduce GHG emissions
How BNP PARIBAS Reports Environmental Data to Reduce GHG Emissions?
Carolina Patrocinio, Environmental Data Reporting Officer, talks about BNP PARIBAS's goals and solutions to reduce GHG Emissions globally.

What is Environmental Data Management Software?

Environmental data management software – sometimes referred to as environmental compliance software – collects, stores, organizes, analyzes, and presents data related to environmental factors. The software features that help organizations maintain and improve environmental quality through tools that provide better understanding, management, and mitigation of various environmental challenges. Environmental compliance software manages various kinds of air and water quality, soil conditions, weather patterns, and biodiversity data.

Environmental compliance software to manage risk and performance

To become sustainable, companies need to measure, control, and reduce their environmental impacts through practical and proven methods. Enablon’s environmental data management software combines tools to identify environmental elements and impacts, manage GHG emissions, water, and waste plus keep up with regulatory obligations and ISO 14001 guidance. With environmental compliance software, deep integration is provided with other environmental data-gathering systems, allowing organizations to navigate regulatory landscapes and drive improvement in their environmental performance.

  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Implement ISO 14001
  • Centralize permits and policies

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