Life is filled with events, scenarios, and relationships. It is not filled with siloed subjects and modules. That is why CCH Learning Fundamentals is specifically built for graduate accountants so they can learn in real-life scenario’s.

Quickly turn your accountancy graduates into problem solvers with CCH Learning Fundamentals a new breed of training program offering a whole new learning experience.

  • Learners completely immerse themselves in a virtual city filled with real-life projects based on what they need to learn. Users can interact with their clients, make choices, and understand consequences, rather than passively completing ‘watch-and-learn’ courses with a ‘pulse-check’ at the end.
  • CCH Learning Fundamentals uses world-leading technology to ‘gamify’ learning where users interact with realistic learning ‘agents’ to complete realistic, self-paced, bite-sized training.
  • Access our award-winning, CCH Australian Master Tax Guide content and webinars via virtual city learning.
  • Real-time feedback for learners and managers with reporting at the group and individual level.
  • CCH Learning Fundamentals offers a Tax Essentials training program that covers 15 topics and 60+ hours of training.
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