With CCH iQ Client Match, your finger is on the pulse of progress, letting you keep up with tax changes as they occur.

Never miss an opportunity again with the right advice for the right clients at the right time.

CCH iQ Client Match
Wins Gold

2021 Asia-Pacific Stevie Award for Innovation in Technology Development in Financial Services


CCH iQ Client Match
Wins Silver

2021 Asia-Pacific Stevie Award for Innovation in Business-to-Business Services

CCH iQ Client Match is harnessing changes in the tax landscape and helping you turn them into revenue.

Improve working efficiency by 50-90% and seize your slice of an estimated $500 million potential revenue.

CCH iQ Client Match takes the pressure and legwork out of staying up-to-date with tax developments and changes.

How does it work?

What is a tax event?

Events are potential changes which affect the tax landscape. Each new event has the potential to present your firm with advisory and revenue growth opportunities. Event types include:

  • Case laws
  • Legislative changes
  • ATO rulings and announcements
  • Macro-economic events
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Harness efficiency that helps save you time and generate revenue

Integrating seamlessly with CCH iFirm Tax, the AI technology automatically identifies which clients you should contact about upcoming relevant tax events, and how it will impact them.

Without having to spend time manually aligning clients to tax events, you’re open to focus on higher value activities, such as advising your clients on how to deal with these upcoming tax developments.

CCH iQ Client Match enables you to provide a proactive, value-added service, so your clients are better protected and your practice is better equipped to grow.

What CCH iQ Client Match can do for your practice
  • Demonstrate value simply and effectively to your clients
  • Experience a business development efficiency boost of at least 50%*
  • Provide an enterprise level of service with a higher level of personalisation
  • Take full advantage of business opportunities with instant client matching
  • Take the first step from tax compliance to tax advisory
  • Build a high-value advisory pipeline
  • Grow your business by identifying relevant client opportunities
  • Develop targeted content marketing campaigns across social channels by leveraging content unearthed through matched events
  • Enhance your client communications and protect your existing revenue

How has CCH iQ Client Match benefited our clients?

Since 2016, CCH iQ Client Match has identified over 850,500 advisory opportunities for our clients. On average, these events have an estimated $150–$10,000 advisory fee value*. Our clients have also reported up to 50% boost in efficiencies^ when utilizing this predictive intelligence. It pays to stay abreast of tax changes – with CCH iQ Client Match.

* According to standard accountancy service fees.
^ According to some clients, CCH iQ Client Match has boosted business development efficiency as much as 90%.

For us, CCH iQ Client Match is a game changer. We can see around a 90% efficiency improvement in matching trigger events to our client database.
Troy JohnsonCA, Hartmann-Cox Chartered Accountants, est. 1985
We now have the true ability to look forward. This is really legitimising our firm as a highly differentiated offering for clients. CCH iQ Client Match is a value service and we have already had sound results in terms of how it is changing the game for our firm.
Tyler Wise Founder and PartnerWise Accounting
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