CCH iFirm eMarketing is a powerful application within the CCH iFirm ecosystem to facilitate email marketing automation so you can share communications and promotional content with your contacts.


Fully integrated with your CCH iFirm Contacts, this app allows you to easily build, share and measure your client and prospect marketing communications.

Powerful automation

Generate higher return from your marketing efforts by creating automated email campaigns for your clients and prospects. You can streamline and improve your communications strategy with promotional content and targeted marketing to suit clients and prospects needs.

Smart templates

Our solution enables you to easily create email templates or use the predefined ones, creating emails with consistent branding and messaging.

Contact lists

The best part about our eMarketing app is its integration with the CCH iFirm Contacts allowing you to effortlessly build and maintain your mailing lists, create groups, and send the right message to the right people at the right time.


Use powerful reporting to track the engagement of your marketing campaigns and communications. The easy to access information provides you the valuable information to measure and improve your email campaigns.

Seamless integration

Our solution is integrated with MailChimp allowing you to easily send your marketing communications from one central location.

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