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Tax & AccountingAugust 07, 2020

TAXClient Welcome Announcement: Lineage Logistics selects CCH Integrator for new Asia Pacific corporate tax platform

Wolters Kluwer CCH Integrator has been selected by Lineage Logistics to automate their tax reporting and compliance functions across the Asia Pacific region.

This decision reinforces CCH Integrator’s position as a leading tax platform and a key partner of organisations seeking to streamline their tax preparation, compliance and provisioning processes and meet the ever-stricter governance requirements of stakeholders and tax authorities.

Lineage Logistics has adopted CCH Integrator as its tax reporting and compliance platform for the Asia Pacific region. As Linear expands its cold storage network to provide distribution solutions to the global supply chain, CCH Integrator will be an important financial tool for managing the complex tax compliance requirements of local tax authorities and reporting to its US-parent, the world’s largest refrigerated warehousing group.

In Australia and New Zealand, CCH Integrator will provide Lineage with automated tax compliance and tax return preparation. In Asia, CCH Integrator’s ability to automate reporting processes and flows across global tax territories offers an efficient way of calculating income tax provisions. The solution also provides tax provisioning functionality to perform US and local tax reporting to support its US parent. As more businesses are acquired or merged, CCH Integrator allows new entities to seamlessly move onto the group platform and connect to the services they require.

For Lineage Logistics and its growing number of acquisitions, CCH Integrator will dramatically reduce their reliance on manually intensive and often error-prone spreadsheets — errors often only detected when attempting to prepare an accurate tax return. CCH Integrator will allow Lineage Logistics to modernise their tax processes — combining ease of use with enhanced risk management and internal controls, helping Lineage meet tax governance principles, such as the ATO framework and Sarbanes Oxley (Sox).

I’m surprised at how many businesses still rely on spreadsheets and have made it so complicated that no-one else understands it. The CCH Integrator platform is highly flexible – you can slice and dice any information out of any accounting system or spreadsheet into CCH Integrator and back out again – it creates the files for you.
Zoran Havranek, Regional Tax Manager (APAC) at Lineage Logistics

When it came to selecting the right software platform, Zoran Havranek, Regional Tax Manager (APAC) at Lineage Logistics, lent on his experience of ATO Justified Trust reviews at two previous organisations. From his experience, he understood that Lineage required a solution that provided reporting they could be confident would meet the exacting requirements of the ATO. He was familiar with other software in the market, but most applications lacked the capabilities of the CCH Integrator platform in terms of multi-jurisdiction and multi-currency reporting. These are key for foreign-owned organisations – CCH Integrator’s ability to feed information back to corporate HQ in a specified format was especially important for Lineage.

There is a need to de-risk the tax function and have good governance principles in place so that you tick all the boxes in terms of an ATO review. Using very good software that is strict in terms of its rules, applications, support and work papers is the best way to achieve that outcome.
Zoran Havranek, Regional Tax Manager (APAC) at Lineage Logistics

Lineage Logistics can now manage their tax compliance and reporting from a single platform, bringing flexibility and agility to their processes. They have an ideal solution to handle the tax compliance requirements and complexities of a large tax consolidator group with multiple entities and more to come.

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