FinanceESGJuly 27, 2023

Navigating the ESG Horizon in New Zealand

Watch the webinar to have an in-depth look at the current ESG landscape, with a focus on ISSB and New Zealand reporting frameworks.

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A thought-provoking webinar that delves into the dynamic ESG landscape and provides an in-depth exploration of the current ESG landscape in relation to ISSB and New Zealand, encompassing an examination of the diverse local reporting frameworks and standards. 

Key highlights of the webinar:

  • Understand the diverse local reporting frameworks and standards in New Zealand in relation to ESG practices and ISSB.
  • Explore the integration of ESG considerations into the role of CFOs and analyze the potential benefits and challenges they face in embracing ESG integration.
  • Gain valuable insights into how ESG can be effectively incorporated into financial planning, risk management, and long-term value creation.
  • Ralph Stein, Solution Architect Financial Reporting Applications at Wolters Kluwer, will share his experience and perspective on ESG best practices, highlighting successful case studies and practical strategies for integrating ESG into CFO responsibilities.

Who should watch?

This webinar is a must-watch for CFOs, finance professionals, sustainability officers, and business leaders seeking to deepen their understanding of ESG. Whether you're looking to enhance your knowledge or drive ESG excellence within your organization, this enlightening and insightful discussion will empower you to effectively navigate the ESG landscape in New Zealand.

Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and embrace ESG excellence in your organization.

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