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Tax & AccountingMay 16, 2024

5 ways accounting firms can improve profitability through efficient job workflow

As an accountant, having an efficient and effective job workflow is crucial to ensure accuracy, timeliness, and overall success in your work. By following best practices in your job workflow, you can streamline processes, reduce time wastage and drive profit growth while providing a high level of service to your clients.

In this guide, we share five practical and actionable tips for accounting firms looking to enhance profitability and drive success through efficient job workflow processes.

We will share:

  • Industry benchmarks – what successful firms are doing differently
  • Budgets and billing - what best practice looks like and how to implement
  • Job scheduling – how to unlock thousands in billable hours with the right tools
  • Reporting – building client and job profitability reports to support better business decisions
  • An introduction to industry-leading practice management software: CCH iFirm Practice Manager and how to use this technology to better manage jobs and consequently improve profitability.
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