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Tax & AccountingSeptember 30, 2020

Happy team = happy clients

Equipping your team with powerful software and research platforms undoubtedly improves efficiency within your Firm.

It minimises the need to key in data by prepopulating standard documents and tax department forms with accurate, up-to-date data from your client database. It clears away logjams, with built-in workflows to keep client work progressing smoothly to a timely outcome.

As well as benefits like these, there is another major advantage of practice automation that often goes unrecognised: the increased job satisfaction of your team. For employers, this can be linked to increased productivity, which will ultimately impact your bottom line.

Let technology do the heavy lifting

Members of your team will have studied long and hard to hone their professional skills. But constantly (re)keying in client data doesn’t require a deep knowledge of accounting and tax legislation and financial reporting.

Spending time entering data, chasing clients and generating routine correspondence is frustrating. When you free your employees from high-touch, low-value tasks through the strategic application of technology, they can invest their time, energy and experience in what they do best: helping clients to achieve their financial goals.

Using integrated accountancy software eliminates the need to hand-carry data from one client task to another. Released from repetitive even mindless tasks, your team has more time to play to their strengths and will interact with clients in a positive, can-do frame of mind. They can concentrate on interpreting what the numbers mean for the client’s business and think creatively about how best to advise them.

Build your reputation as a progressive employer

All this has an impact on the client and your relationship with them. Your team will be able to make a real difference to the client’s business or personal financial situation, earning their trust and respect. They have the satisfaction of helping start-ups get off the ground and supporting more established enterprises to expand and grow in a sustainable way.

What’s more, gaining a reputation as a firm that constantly looks for ways to streamline its processes helps you recruit and retain the right people, giving you an edge over more traditional firms.

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