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LegalApril 28, 2022

Guide to preparing your business for natural disasters and flood relief for small businesses

By: June Ahern
The recent floods in northern New South Wales and Queensland have highlighted the importance of preparing your business for unforeseen events, as well as responding rapidly and efficiently when a natural disaster event does occur.

In the immediate aftermath of an event, businesses will naturally be focused on clean-up, survival and crisis management, including supply-chain issues and business viability. However, in the longer term, the focus will then switch to ensuring financial security and assessing business impacts, including damage to markets and client base.

CCH Pinpoint in-house expert in Company Law prepared a guide that addresses both:

  • The need for companies to be prepared for natural disasters
  • What current relief is available for small businesses in the wake of the NSW and Queensland floods

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June Ahern
Senior Content Specialist in Company Law, Wolters Kluwer
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