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AFCA complaint process: A detailed overview

What is expected of an advisor if you have a complaint filed against a client?

Complaint handling is hard, particularly where the person resolving the complaint is emotionally invested in the outcome. How a professional identifies and responds to client criticism can often head off, or lessen, the impact of a complaint. High standards of ethical and professional conduct when engaging with clients who are in conflict are paramount in achieving a good outcome for all concerned and may, if done well, lead to increased client loyalty.

Watch Now the webinar recorded on Monday 7 March 2022

We covered

  • About the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)
  • How advisors should (and should not) deal with complaints that are made against them
  • Case study

Why watch the webinar

Complaints are inevitable but do not have to be bad news. Often, they can be valuable sources of information about how to improve your business or the perception of your business.


This introductory session is suited to all client-facing professionals in any size of business.


Nick Crowhurst, Ombudsman, Investments and Advice at AFCA

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